We want to make a tangible difference in quality of life by sustainably improving capital allocation in global energy and infrastructure.


We will realize our vision by:

1.  Commercializing sustainable technology.

2.  Organizing and improving complex projects to safely achieve high quality at least life cycle cost.

3.  Assist the global engineering, construction and finance sectors in organizational development and strategic growth to achieve this mission.

Recent News
Frontier Applied Sciences (FAS) is seeking investment ( to build pilot facilities and its first commerical plant.  Information on FAS and its Solid Carbon Fractionation technology are in the links below.  FAS is currently in discussions on licenses in Australia and China, and received its Australian patent in November 2016.
Associate and CIO, Joseph Pitts, was an intern on US Senator John McCain's successful re-election campaign in 2016.  Joe has championed bullying prevention in schools and played a role in "Lucky U Ranch," a film based in 1950s Arizona that premiered at the Phoenix Film Festival in April 2016 (
Founder Doug Pitts has taken on the role of Interim President and CEO of Frontier Applied Sciences (, a new technology to recover liquid hydrocarbon transportation fuel precursors and a dewatered, high energy, clean solid fuel for power generation or coke from coal, lignite, oil sands and other high carbon resources (
P&A's/AltTech's detailed associate and work list is in the link below.  In addition, a link to the Frontier Applied Sciences hydrocarbon fuels technology summary is also included.

From 2008-12, Doug Pitts was a full time executive for AREVA Renewables and AREVA Solar.  Pitts and Associates was re-energized in 2012 and AltTech, LLC was formed to focus on new tecnology commercialization.  In addtion to FAS, other work since AREVA includes:
  • Adjunct Faculty at Grand Canyon University teaching innovation in the Entrepreneurship program (Current).
  • Assessment of a mining operation in South America (Current)
  • Review of opportunities in the EPA Clean Power Plan for a major US E&C company (2015-16).
  • Independent audits of oil/gas upstream/midstream operations and new gas utilization projects for two West African countries(2014 and Current).
  • Review of investment in a waste and coal to biofuels venture for a major US E&C company (2015).
  • Risk manangement audit for a major gold/silver faciltiy in Latin America (2015).
  • Oil/gas market expansion for a major Western US construction company (2015).
  • Advisory services to a private equity group on restructuring of a global solar thermal technology supplier (2014).
  • EPC/investor advisory services for two gas to chemicals technologies - one with plasma and the other with biologics (Current).
  • Startup/commissioning review of nearly completed IGCC/carbon dioxide sequestration project in the US (2014).
  • Member of the advisory board and CEO designee for Frontier Applied Sciences (, a new technology venture for producing hydrocarbon fuels and clean coal/oil sands by-products (Current).
  • Re-entry into Brazil for Parsons Corporation including assisting in the acquisition of CT MAIN Engenheiros (2012-13).
  • Audits of several planned, under-construction and operating mining operations for a confidential East African country (2012-13), and similar work for oil/gas operations for a West African country (2014).
  • Project review and remediation recommendations regarding a major, multi-billion dollar mineral processing expansion  for a confidential US-based mining company (2013).
  • Support to a private equity group to acquire a confidential project services company in the shale gas/oil sector (2013).
  • Hydrocarbon and Mining entry strategies and acquisition candidates for a confidential US-based E&C company (2013-14).
  • Assessment of a solar-diesel hybrid for a confidential mining operation in the Middle East (2013). 
Other Accomplishments
Partner, co-founder and CFO Renee Pitts published Cataclysm in Blue Water (, an historical fiction work based on the Minoan culture and the eruption of Santorini in the 16th century BC, and a linked modern murder mystery.  Doug Pitts developed the geology and volcanism chapters which describe the technical details of those phenomena for those so inclined.  Tara Pitts developed the graphic art.  Renee has participated in book signings in New York and the book has won awards in the Mystery Category of the 2013 Beverly Hill Book Awards and the Historical Fiction category for the 2010 National Indie Excellence Awards.  The book is available on Amazon, Kindle and AudioBooks.
CMO Tara Pitts has formed Green Tara Designs ( focused on innovative fashion and jewelry designs for women of all ages.  Her work has been featured on several local Arizona TV stations and at fashion shows throughout the area.  She also assists in IT and marketing challenges for P&A, manages therapists for a Phoenix-based non-profit focused on troubled children, and is getting her MBA.
Other Relevant Work Includes: 

Founder became, first, Senior VP for Project Delivery and Execution, then, Chief Industrial Officer and member of the Executive Committee for AREVA Solar (, a solar thermal technology based on compact linear fresnel reflectors (CLFR), when formed in early 2012.  Significant accomplishments included (1) building a commercial scale prototype in California (completed 2010), and starting projects in Australia, India and Arizona (all to be completed in 2013-14), and (3) establishing the industrial base for a global material/equipment supply and manufacturing hubs in India and the US (2010-12).

Member of the Ausra, Inc acquisition and business plan team for AREVA Renewable that lead to the formation of AREVA Solar (2009-10).

Developed the business case and execution plan for AREVA Renewable's entry into the solar business - also performed due diligence on Solel (acquired by Siemens) and a CA-based CPV technology company (2009).

Development of EPC resources for AREVA Bioenergie's ( and US biomass to energy initiative (2008-9)

Interim COO of Waste2Energy, Inc. ( (2008-9),

Commercialization of a novel clean energy from sulfur technology ( (2007-8)

Strategic growth activities including acquisition and partner targeting/due diligence for:
  1. Michael Baker ( (2002-9)
  2. WorleyParsons ( resulting in the acquistion of Unifield, Komex and Polestar (2006-8), and
  3. IAP World Services/Cerberus Capital ( (2006-8).
Contract strategy for a major international projects for Brass LNG ( and ConocoPhillips ( (2008-9).

Assistance to Perot Systems (now Dell - on developing the E&C sector entry strategy for their outsourced IT services operations (2002-7).

P&A/AltTech Associates and Work List 120315
Frontier Applied Sciences Hydrocarbon Fuels Technology 022216