Our experience includes projects and technology in most industry sectors located throughout the world. Since our founding in 3Q 2001 and to supplement the engagements and work with AREVA Solar summarized in the Home page, we have worked on:

1. Development of an E&C entry strategy for Real Foundations' (www.realfoundations,net) enterprise managment offerings into the capital projects sectors.

2. Venture development and interim COO for a novel batch gasification to continuous steam and power technology (www.waste2energy.com) including a commerical prototype processing 180 MTPD MSW to 8 MW power in Scotland, and several smaller gasification only units in the Caribbean, Pacific Islands and Alaska.

3. Organizational development, facilitation and complex contract strategy work for four major oil/gas companies on mega-projects in Alaska (www.conocophillips.com) and West Africa (www.brasslng.com - ConocoPhillips, Eni, Total and NNPC).

4. Development of EPC resources for AREVA's (www.areva.com and www.adagebiopower.com) US biomass to energy initiaitive.

5. Gas and wind power projects in Mexico with Lahmeyer (www.lif.de) in Bolivia and the US

6. Growth strategies and acquisitions including:

    a. WorleyParsons (www.worleyparsons.com) of Komex (env/oil and gas),  Polestar (www.polestar.com - nuclear facilities engineering) and Unifield (www.unifield.com - fossil energy, T&D, and renewables) 

    b. IAP/Cerberus's acquisition of  Johnson Controls (defense facilities management)

    d. Michael Baker (www.mbakercorp.com) in water/wastewater

    e. Confidential firms in oil/gas, Federal Services and Latin America

7. Commercialization of a hazardous waste and/or coal to energy products plant in Bay City, Texas

8. Americas' entry strategies for a European architect-engineer

9. Business plans and fund raising strategies for two new bio-diesel technologies

10. Due diligence for distressed firm acquisition or funding

11. GPS/wireless-based internet solution for the leisure business

12. New business entry strategies for Perot Systems (www.perotsystems.com), a major IT services provider.

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