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In addition to their qualifications in energy and infrastructure projects, and technology development, our 62 Associates' (7 in Latin America - Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina - and one each in India, China and Australia) personal experience and professional affiliations provide us the requisite resources and industry contacts in the following:

Mergers and acquisitions.


Natural resources - hydrocarbons and minerals.

Engineering and construction.

Project and operational audits.

Project and corporate finance.

Strategic planning.

Technology development and commercialization.

International economics and financial analysis.

Country/regional political and development assessment.

Market analysis.

The Associate experience base by sector is as follows (not additive - several have multiple skills):

  • Power/renewable energy - 55% of Associates have worked in this sector.
  • Hydrocarbons/chemicals - 55%
  • Minerals/metals/industrial/manufacturing - 65%
  • Surface transportation - 25%
  • Air transportation - 20%
  • Marine transportation - 20%
  • Environmental/water/wastewater - 50%
  • Institutional/commerical/liesure - 20%
  • Food/beverage - 10%
  • Pharmaceutical/biotechnology - 15%
  • IT/semiconductors/telecommunications - 35%
  • US Federal services - 20%


Our associates are dedicated professionals who have worked with the founder and each other as teams on P&A engagements or with other firms in the capital projects sectors.  Detailed resumes of the following world class Associates are available upon request:

Doug Pitts: Founder and President. Formerly Bechtel, Parsons, Molten Metal Technology, Asarco and Hazen Research. (For additional info, use "See Founder" link at bottom of this page.)


Dean Allen: Currently independent consultant. Formerly Fluor, Raytheon and Parsons.

Gary Aller: Currently CEO of Education Facilties Development Services. Formerly Exec Dir of ASU Alliance for Const Excellence and Bechtel.

Dan Amsden: Currently CEO Automation Alliance Group.  Formerly Parsons, Sverdrup, Fru-Con.

Terry Beckford: Currently independent consultant. Formerly Bechtel Mining and Metals.

Joel Bennett: Currently independent consultant.  Formerly PB, Parsons, Santa Fe. 

Gene Berman: Currently practicing attorney and former chemical engineer.  Formerly Dupont, Molten Metal Technology, Clean Sites. 

Charlie Bisbee: Currently consulting in project management at Genentech and in independent claims. Formerly Bechtel Oil and Gas.

Jeff Bodington: CEO of Bodington and Company in power project development and finance. www, Formerly Bechtel Enterprises.

Mario Caroppo: Currently independent consultant and resident in Argentina. Formerly Parsons, UBS, Swiss Bank and Rothschild Bank.

Doug Charlton: Currently Director of Mining for Professional Infrastructure and Consulting Services. Formerly Dupont, Deloitte and Shaw Group.

Bill Conlon: Currently independent consultant. Formerly AREVA Solar Chief Engineer.

Bill Cornman: Currently independent consultant. Formerly Sinclair and Celanese.

Ron Derammelaere: Currently independent consultant. Formerly Pipeline Systems Inc CEO and Bechtel.

Energy Allied: strategic partner in energy project development   Rod Ragan is relationship manager.

Jerry Fee: Currently independent consultant. Formerly VP UP Holdings and Bechtel Pipeline.

Cesar Fernandez: Currently independent consultant in oil and gas and resident in Argentina. Formerly Pluspetrol and Repsol.

John Ferrell: Currently CEO of Pacific Minerals Intl. Formerly BHP-Utah Intl and Kaiser Aluminum.

Doris Galvin: former SVP WorleyParsons and CMS.

Shirley Gaufin: Currently independent consultant in HR for E&C sector. Formerly, B&V, Raytheon, Parsons and Bechtel.

Barry Gifford: Currently independent consultant. Formerly COO of Cambridge Chemical Technologies,WGI, Raytheon, Badger, Gulf Oil.

Wendi Goldsmith: Currently CEO of Bioengineering in remediation and Federal

Mike Harper: Currently associate at Jones and Day in Brazil.

Joe Harper: Currently partner in Naveran, LLC in Brazil.

Hartsoch (Nancy) Consulting Group: former Solfocus employees (CPV).

Hugh James: Currently independent consultant.  Formerly Tenneco, KBR, Pritchard, AD Little.

K&M Engineering and Consulting: strategic partner specializing in power and project development. www, Billy Kappaz is relationship manager.

Greg Lamberson: Currently CEO of International Construction Consulting in oil and gas. Formerly WorleyParsons and Bechtel.

Leonard Leal: Currently independent consultant.  Formerly IET, Molten Metal, Rollins, CRS. 

Dwayne Lee: Currently independent consultant.  Formerly Parsons, Port of Los Angeles and Army COE.

Larry Lien: Currently Tandor Investments. Formerly Bechtel.

Kate Maracas: former APS and VP of Abengoa Solar.

Joe McGuirk: Currently CEO of SunMiner and with AZ DOT.

Dave McKay: Currently independent consultant. Formerly VP Manufacturing for AREVA Solar.

Don Miller: Currently independent consultant in pipelines and E&C. Formerly Woodward Clyde.

Rogerio Molina: Formerly eSolar and AREVA Solar. Currently consulting in advanced power systems.

BJ Montgomery: Currently adjunct professor at Miss State Univ. Formerly Kerr McGee.

Ed Morgan: Formerly VP of Refining for Arco Products.

Waheed Mukaddam: Currently independent consultant.  Formerly Washington Group International (WGI), Raytheon, Badger and Molten Metals

Leigh Noda: Currently independent consultant.  Formerly Arco Products.

Robert O'Neil: Currently Pres Emeritus Parsons Transportation. Formerly Parsons and Deleuw Cather.

Rod Ragan: Currently CEO Energy Allied Intl.  Formerly Parsons and Flour

Velambur Rajan: former Alstom India and AREVA Solar.

Jeff Reynolds: Currently working with Professional Infrastructure Consulting Services. Formerly Global Capital Group.

Frederic Reviez: Currently Principal and Managing Member of Asilea Resources in Power and Infrastructure.

Mike Rich: Currently independent consultant. Formerly VP of international projects for KBR and SVP downstream projects for Stone and Webster/Shaw Group.

Gilberto Rincon: Currently independent consultant in oil and gas resident in Venezuela. Formerly Parsons,Mobil, Shell, UN.

Harry Sauer: Currently independent consultant. Formerly SVP and Power business sector manager for WorleyParsons.

Kathy Santoro: former Molten Metal Technology and Bioengineering Group.

David Scriven: Currently CEO of Western States Mining Consultants. Formerly Asarco, United Bank and Mobil

Denis Slavich: Currently partner in Global Capital and, and board member of Synthesis Energy Systems and Astrata Formerly KMR, MK and Bechtel.

Charlie Snyder: Currently CEO of Professional Infrastructure Consulting Services. Formerly PWC, Airports Group International and Bechtel.

Sergio Sokoloff: Currently Parsons consultant and resident in Colombia. Formerly Parsons Latin America, Carbocol and Sherwin Williams.

Daniel Stecher: Currently Principal of Free Flowing Sulfur.   Formerly Unocal.

Kathleen Swartz: Currently in management of quality at Lucent. Formerly Bechtel.

Taylor-DeJongh: strategic partner and independent advisory group in project finance and development  Jennifer Hara is relationship manager.

Alejandra Tello: Currently Manager of Operations for NK LAC and resident in Peru.  Formerly Parsons, Grana y

Barbara Treat: Currently CEO of Formerly Bechtel and Pacific Resources.

Kevin Tynes: Currently Managing Director for NK LAC and resident in Panama.  Formerly NJS,

Milt Venetos: Currently independent consultant. Formerly SVP Product Development for AREVA Solar and GE.

Jody Westby: Currently CEO of Work-IT Group. Formerly Alchemix, In-Q-Tel, The Progress and Freedom Foundation and the US Dept of

Richard Westfahl: Currently CEO Worldwide Capital and independent consultant.  Formerly Enron E&C/NEPCO, Raytheon and Stone and Webster.

Renee Pitts: Currently Chief Financial Officer of P&A.  Formerly

Tara Pitts: Currently Chief Marketing Officer of P&A.  Touchstone Behavioral

See Founder

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